Ain't no thang

I fixed the plumbing on my trailer this weekend. What I thought was going to be a tough job ended up taking 20 minutes and cost only $15. Now I’m ready to do some camping! Unfortunately, I’ve got a lot of projects that I need to do over the next several weeks while the weather is relatively mild. I’ve dug out the irrigation ditch in my back yard and plan on pouring concrete there in a few days. Traci and I have been talking about planting a garden again this year, but it’s easy to talk about it right up until the point where you actually have to start it, and then it’s easy to just shrug it off and never even start it. I’m still not sure if we’re actually going to do a garden, but it would be nice. I think I’ve mentioned my garage roof way too many times here–it still needs to be replaced. The sprinkler system in the front yard still needs replacing. My bathroom floor still needs replacing. The kitchen sink needs a new faucet. Oh, who needs a nice house when you’d rather be out enjoying the outdoors anyway? 🙂

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