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We had a little bit of a crisis at home today. I was out geocaching with the kids when Traci called me and frantically told me that “the house is flooding again.” I automatically assumed that the city’s sewer main was backing up again, but then she said something about the upstairs bathroom sink and I relaxed considerably. Apparently, while I was outside starting up the truck so that we could go caching, Bradley had gone to the bathroom and washed his hands, but he didn’t turn the water off. After I’d moved the truck into the driveway, I popped my head in the front door and told the kids to come outside and get into the truck, then we left.
The sink drain has been running a little slow for the last week or so, and it couldn’t keep up with the running water so it eventually flowed out onto the floor. It ran into a heat vent and a cold air return vent, and from there it ran downstairs and leaked out through the seams in the ducts. Luckily Traci came home from church less than 30 minutes after we’d left, so the damage wasn’t too bad. She cleaned up all the water upstairs while I raced home doing about 100 MPH down Airport Road–apparently the truck is governed at 100 MPH, ’cause I couldn’t get it go any faster. By the time I got home, there was just a little bit of water dripping from the ceiling in the basement, but the carpet was soaked.
I got most of the water out of the carpet using the Shop-Vac, and the rest of the damage is very minor, something that a little paint and joint compound can’t fix. As for the 3-year-old, I think we’ll be giving him away. 🙂

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