The Rock

I placed a new geocache in Price more than two days ago, and I’m surprised nobody has tried finding it yet. I put a lot of time, effort, and money into making the cache container, but after all that I was hesitant to place the thing just anywhere. I needed to find the perfect spot, somewhere were it wasn’t likely to be stolen, but somewhere where it could blend in and not be too obvious.
This cache is something more like you’d see in Salt Lake City rather than a rural area like Price. It’s also the county’s first “micro” cache. Nearly all the caches in Carbon County are hidden outside of any towns, and they’re usually under junipers or rocks. Mine is between an oil change place and a tire store, sitting in plain sight on a strip of land that I believe is owned and maintained by Price City. It’s also right near an exit on US-6, and I’m sure it’ll get more visits from travelers than from people who live around here.
I normally get first-to-find on any new caches in this area–I suppose nobody else is as rabid as I am when it comes to geocaching. But since this cache is one of my own, it could potentially sit for a relatively long time before somebody gets FTF.

3 thoughts on “The Rock

  1. That figures–as soon as I opened my mouth about the cache not being found yet, somebody finds it! 🙂 Congrats Sam, I hope it wasn’t too frustrating. 🙂

  2. The micro cache is too small to fit much of anything inside–I just left a small logbook and a pencil. In one of the small (2″ PVC) caches I placed, I left a brand new pocket knife for the first-finder to keep. Here’s what I started my four large ammo box caches with:

    Sewing kit
    3′ tape measure
    Compass keyring
    Box of 15-amp automotive blade-type fuses
    Length of CAT-5 cable with RJ-45 ends
    Package of day-planner refill note paper
    Tennis ball
    Boomtown arcade token
    Package of scrapbooking die-cuts
    Carbon Dinos football
    Sublime CD
    Silver heart picture frame
    Mini multi-function pocket knife
    Glow necklace with two light sticks
    20″ lanyard with quick release keychain
    Transparent blue “AA” flashlight
    #29 Todd Bodine die-cast car with trading card
    Tire pressure gauge
    2 new, blank CD-RWs
    Aerosmith CD – Made in America
    Everclear CD – So Much for the Afterglow
    35mm camera (cheapie)
    McToy – Roo dressed in Tigger shirt – still in plastic
    Austin Powers talking keychain
    Coleman “AAA” flashlight
    Small pair of scissors
    Spiderman football
    Cheap noisemaker toy
    Electronic mosquito repeller
    New wristwatch
    Package of springy shoelaces
    Golf ball
    Miniature “Micro Machine”-type car
    One length of CAT-5 cable with RJ-45 ends
    One package of day-planner refill note paper
    Boomtown arcade token
    Package of scrapbooking die-cuts

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