Nothing is Written

I worked on the Subaru this evening for six solid hours. My body is sore from standing up for so long, most of the time in weird positions to reach bolts and such. I got EVERYTHING done except for installing the radiator and fan, and hooking the exhaust pipes back up. I tore out all of the A/C stuff from under the hood, since the compressor was shot anyway, and it really robs a lot of power from the small engine. Hopefully the radiator will work better now with the condenser out of the way, plus the car should be about 40 or 50 pounds lighter.
Installing the alternator turned out being a little tricky without the A/C compressor. The alternator brackets actually mount to the compressor, but I managed to remove the brackets and install them anyway. I might have to make a brace to hold up the front of the top bracket, though, since the compressor is no longer there for support.
I’m hoping to get a webpage layout done this weekend. I’ve tried a few times this week, but I haven’t been able to turn out anything that I like. It’s all gonna depend on how long it takes me to finish up the Subaru, and whether or not I go hiking Sunday.

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