I don’t get it. I’ve been trying to sell my Mazda Navajo for about 6 weeks now, but nobody’s interested. I ran a classified ad in the Sun Advocate for four weeks, and all that time I had it parked in front of my house with a “for sale” sign in the window. One woman called after reading the ad, but it didn’t have enough seat belts to hold her family. One other guy came over after seeing it in front of the house and actually test drove it, but I never heard back from him.
I started thinking that maybe I was asking way too much, but I checked Auto Trader for every ’92 Navajo in the country, and the average asking price is $3,283. I’m only asking $3,000 or best offer, and, so far, the best offer is zilch. I hope I don’t have this much trouble selling my truck, which I plan on trying to do in the next week or so.

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