It sure was a busy weekend. I took Friday off work so we could go to Matt’s wedding reception in Lindon on Thursday evening, and we spent the night at Mike & Ali’s. We couldn’t stay long the next day, since we’d planned on camping with my sister Sam and her family. They just bought a trailer similar to mine, so hopefully we’ll all get out more often together.
Traci and I got to the campsite (near Farnham Dome) a couple of hours before Sam and Mark on Friday afternoon, and there were these two black dogs (nearly-adult lab pups) milling around about 1/4-mile away, but no matter how I called or whistled, I couldn’t get them to come near our camp. When Sam and Mark showed up, the dogs followed their vehicles right up the road and into camp, and that’s where they stayed all weekend. Michael is severely allergic to dogs, so that turned out being a bit of a pain in the ass, but they were pretty well-behaved dogs.
We did some hiking while we were camping–Saturday after breakfast we headed west of camp and placed a geocache, and later that same day a few of us hiked down to a nearby pond. That turned out being quite an experience. The pond was pretty stagnant–no new water was flowing in–so the water was murky and especially muddy near the edges. There were what appeared, at first, to be tadpoles swimming in the shallows, but after I picked one up, I nearly threw it back. It looked more like a miniature horseshoe crab (about an inch or more long), but with a more segmented body and shell. These things were really creepy looking, and there were hundreds of them writhing around in the mud. After playing with them for a few minutes, I walked around to the man-made earthen dam that held all the water in, and I fell into a sinkhole. The water had, apparently quite awhile ago, cut under the dam, but left the top intact. One of my legs fell through crotch-deep, so I landed a little contorted with the rest of my body sprawled out on the ground. Besides a nasty bruise on my knee, I’m alright, but I could have easily broken something.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had fun. Tell Sam I said Hi. How is the other one…by chance. Haven’t heard from her for ages. Or is that a touchy subject to talk about. Heard she got married…but don’t know if thats all true. Well, miss ya all. Sam if u see this…what is your email?

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