I got a little bit more done on the playset today, but I had only about 2.5 hours between when I got off work and when it became too dark to work. I didn’t do anything at all yesterday–I kept waiting for the rain to stop, but it never did. I figure I’ve got several more days left until it’s finished, but it’s coming along quite nicely. It’s certainly been a learning experience, and I’ve enjoyed all the carpentry work–I’m finally getting a lot of use out of my combination square. =)
I finally got a chance to try my new backpack out. I loaded it up with 37 pounds of water in 2-liter bottles and went for a hike to Pioneer Park. It was late Saturday night, and Michael and I were bored, so we both set out to kill some time. It was a pretty short hike, and all that weight didn’t seem to bother me–I really need to try hiking a couple of miles to see what I’m really in for. What’s funny is that, when I removed the backpack after getting home, my balance was really off and I kept leaning forward and almost falling down. Can’t wait to see what the effects are after a real hike.

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