This evening, I had planned on going to both of the geocaches that I’d placed and replacing the plastic Rubbermaid boxes with metal ammo cans. I did the one near Kenilworth first, and didn’t really have any problems–I had to park about a half-mile away and hike through the snow, but it wasn’t too bad. The one near Carbonville, however, really sucked. I was almost to the cache when I got the Mazda stuck in the mud. I tried for about 25 minutes to dig myself out with my e-tool, but I finally gave up and started walking. Half of the walk back was through some pretty nasty mud, and I must’ve had five pounds of mud on each boot. There were some houses about a mile away, but I decided to walk another mile beyond them to Grogg’s, since it would have sucked waiting at some stranger’s house for help to arrive. So I sat and sipped on a Coke while waiting for Traci and my mom to arrive in her 4Runner. When they showed up, I drove to where the Mazda was stuck, then hooked up the tow rope and yanked it out. I had to back the 4Runner down the road for a bit to find a place to turn around, then I went back to the Mazda and backed it up almost to the paved road before finding a place to turn around (and damn, my neck still hurts).
Now I’m exhausted, and I’m pissed off because that took up a huge chunk of my day that I’d planned on using for more constructive things. And tomorrow, I’m going to take my mom’s 4Runner to the car wash to get all the mud off of it (more mud that it’s ever seen, probably), and I may wash the Mazda if I have time, but I doubt I’ll have time to do all the things I had planned for today. At least now Traci’s agreed that we need to replace the shitty automatic hubs on the Mazda with new manual hubs, so I won’t have to worry about walking home ever again (hopefully).

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