What the F? The Utah DMV approved a license plate that says FSHITUP. How this made it past their Schutzstaffel scrutiny is baffling. I couldn’t believe that “shit” would make it past their human review, let alone their computer review, but currently, anything with “shit” in it will even make it past the filters on their website. As of this morning, “UDINK” would even work, but I emailed Lynette Byrd at the DMV to see if they had relaxed their rules, and she informed me that “We have not relaxed our rules since we last met.” It’s too bad that I can’t have my last name on a license plate, all the while somebody is driving around Utah County with “FSHITUP” on his truck. Congratulations to the guy for pulling one over on the DMV, though. =)

7 thoughts on “F SHIT UP

  1. Unfortunately, I did mention the guy’s plate to her, and she said she’d have to look into it. I’m afraid that I probably inadvertently got the guy’s plate revoked. I feel kinda shitty about it, actually…

  2. how about it means Fish It Up. you know you damn hicks always fishin’ and shootin endangered animals for sport. šŸ™‚

  3. I’m guessing from all the other fishing stickers on his vehicle that it does mean “Fish it up”. Unfortunately, the meaning of the license plate obviously doesn’t matter with something as offensive as “Udink”. With something as mild as fucking shit up, I can see how they can be much more open to the intent of the message.

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