The damned sewer line in my house is blocked yet again, and this time the plumber wasn’t able to push past it with his snake. Somebody should be coming by tomorrow to start digging up the line to install a cleanout near the curb, and they’ll try to clear the blockage while they’ve got it exposed. The blockage is literally out in the middle of the street, almost right at the city’s sewer main. I’m really fucking sick of this house, and we’re thinking about moving now. Even if we could afford to fix all the sewer problems, that wouldn’t guarantee that the city’s main wouldn’t back up again, and that’s something neither Traci nor myself could handle emotionally. I’m about ready to start throwing bullets right now as it is, so let’s hope that nothing else goes wrong.

3 thoughts on “Screwed

  1. Oh man…sorry to hear about that Dennis…was bad enough the first time around. This has got to be Deja Vu from Hell.

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