I was just coming from picking up some parts for the Mazda, and on my way down Main Street I noticed that they’ve been monkeying with the speed limits again. As it is now, there are four different speed limits on a one mile stretch of Main–it’s getting pretty ridiculous. From Carbonville Road to 300 East, the limit is 25, then it’s 30 from there to Arby’s just past 700 East, and from there to Airport Road it’s 35, and just past Wal-Mart it turns to 40. It seems like that’s how they do it in rural Utah towns, probably just to confuse people going through town to increase ticket revenues.

4 thoughts on “Speedtrap

  1. Stupid damn Price city. I’ve never gotten a ticket in northern/southern Utah but I always seem to manage to get them in Price. I’ll believe Helper’s excuse of having little revenue but I won’t believe Price.

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