I took half a day off work today to drive to Provo to pick up a computer that I bought through my company’s surplus auction (Dell P-III 500 w/17″ monitor for $35), and while I was up there, I decided that I’d head up to Transwest Auto to pick up some parts that I’ve been needing for the Mazda for awhile. When I started telling one of the guys working there which parts I needed, he stopped me when I mentioned the inside driver’s door handle. He told me that it was an integral part of the door panel, and that I had to buy the entire door panel for $100 in order to replace just the handle. I told him, “Bullshit!,” since I had already removed the door handle from the Mazda, then he changed his story a little bit, saying that it was supposed to be glued on and isn’t supposed to be removed from the door panel. I called bullshit on him again, but he stuck to his story, obviously trying to rip me off (maybe I looked naive). After all that, he told me that they don’t allow customers in the yard with tools, and that I had to wait for one of the grunts working there to pull the parts for me (like windshield washer nozzles are a high-ticket item or something). So not only do they not trust their customers to pull their own parts, but they are untrustworthy themselves, so I told him I’ll just take my business elsewhere. The only problem is that there isn’t anywhere else I can go except somewhere around Salt Lake, so I suppose next time I’m up there I’ll have to plan on hitting the junkyards there.

2 thoughts on “Douchebag

  1. “# 14. 11/12/03 7:34 AM by Jay – Rochester, NY
    Why didn’t he just use a “1” instead for the “I”. Because of the style of the characters the DMV uses, you can’t tell the difference…. ”

  2. That’s like saying that the DMV would allow “5HIT” or “B1TCH” just because you substituted a number for a letter–it wouldn’t work. They look not only for overt meanings, but for the slightest bit of hidden meaning (as evidenced by their denial of my plate), no matter how trivial.

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