Interviewed by WCSX Detroit this morning (taped again, I think). Laron Lind, Assistant Utah Attorney General, called me yesterday and explained a few things to me, and sent me an email this morning outlining the case he’ll present in support of the DMV’s arguments. After hearing from him, I feel pretty damned confident that I’ll prevail. Of course, that’s only if I’m dealing with rational individuals here, which is questionable in this state.
Traci is in Sandy at the scrapbook expo, and she took Bradley with her, so I’m home with Michael for a couple more days. I’m not sure what we’re going to do while she’s gone–so far all we’ve done is go to the library, which Michael has never done before. He seemed to enjoy it, and he’s a little too excited about books about dinosaurs now. I think we’ll go geocaching, and replace the Rubbermaid containers I used for my caches with ammo boxes, after I spray paint them camo tomorrow. I’m sure by Saturday evening, Michael will be sick of watching SciFi, The Food Network, and The History Channel, and he’ll be grateful for Traci to be back, who lets him watch cartoons almost all the time.

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