I’ve just now finally gotten the time to post these pictures from Saturday. We had a great time in the San Rafael Swell, and this was certainly the best time of year to go–the weather was extremely pleasant. Even though it was opening day of the deer hunt, we saw more tourists than hunters. It was downright crowded at the Wedge overlook, so much so that we had to drive about a mile down a side road to find a secluded place to park and take some pictures. The scenery got a little bland after leaving Buckhorn Wash and heading south, but then we hit the San Rafael Reef where I-70 cuts right through it, and it was even more beautiful than everything else we’d seen. In fact, I plan on returning to do some hiking in the area, since it’s not really too far a drive from Price.
I got a call from KFSO, Kool 92.9 in Fresno, California, this morning, and they recorded our interview, I assume to play on the air tomorrow morning. I’d assumed that interest in my story had died down, but apparently not. The appeal hearing is only one week away, and I haven’t heard back from Laron Lind’s office yet regarding the letter I sent him more than a week ago. From reading a few things on the Tax Commission’s website, it looks like this hearing is only an informal one, after which I can request a formal hearing if I don’t agree with the decision. I hope things go well for me the first time around, because I’m already nervous enough about the informal hearing.

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