Just swell…

It looks as though things have finally returned to normal around here. I’ve been pretty busy with work lately ’cause we’re nearing the end of a project, so beta testing and fixes are underway in order to get it shoved out the door.
For tomorrow, we’re planning on a trip through the San Rafael Swell. We’ll start on the dirt road that turns off just north of Castle Dale, then follow it to the turnoff for the Wedge overlook. After that, it’s back to the main road, then through Buckhorn Wash and finally to I-70. Since I haven’t been down that far before, it’ll be some new scenery for once. We’re going to do as much geocaching as time will allow, plus I’d like to do some hiking and general sight-seeing. We’re going to head back to Price via Green River, rather than going through all the little Emery County towns along Highway 10. I’ve never actually been to the town of Green River (just been past it a few times), so I’d like to stop there just to have a look-see.
Traci’s sister and her boyfriend, Dave, said they’d come along, but now it doesn’t look like it’s such a sure thing. Dave is going golfing or some such thing, and I don’t think either of them realized how long of a day it’s going to be. We were going to leave town around 10:00 in the morning, and probably get back home after dark. Now that it looks like nobody else is coming, we may leave even earlier so there’s more time to do everything that we want to.

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