Into the light of the dark black night

While I was in Provo yesterday for work, Lynette Byrd from Motor Vehicles called my home and left a message on the answering machine, but I didn’t get back until after business hours. She asked me to call her back to talk about why they denied my personalized plate application, but it really sounded like she wanted to talk me out of appealing the matter–otherwise, any issues should be dealt with during the hearing next month. I tried calling her back four times today, and got forwarded to her voicemail each time, so instead of leaving a message and playing phone tag, I’ll call her back Monday or possibly just send her an email.
On my way home from work, I stopped and found a couple of geocaches. One wasn’t the best site for a cache–right off the highway, but still a half-way decent place, I guess. It’s where I took this picture from last year. The other was an excellent place, however. It was just a little way up the dirt road from the Tucker rest area, near where we went camping two years ago. The really cool thing about it was that there were nothing but fossils in the surrounding shale. You would literally have a hard time picking up a rock without it having some sort of fossilized sea life in it. Of course, it wasn’t anything spectacular, just a bunch of different sized and shaped shells embedded in the rock, but I’d like to return someday soon and really dig around in the hopes of finding something unique.

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