The past few weeks have been a blur. Nothing much has been going on, so all the days just seem to blend together. With the Subaru being parked for so long with the exhaust problem, and my truck being a gas-guzzler, I haven’t done much off-roading like I normally do at least once a week, but I finally did some on Saturday. I got a copy of All Topo Maps for the entire state of Utah, and while checking it out I noticed that a dirt road leads from Coal Creek Road in Wellington all the way to the top of the Book Cliffs, near where I rode my bike to earlier this summer. As I got a few miles up the dirt road, I came to a cattle guard that had “Private Property” signs posted on it. Since it didn’t say “No Trespassing,” I kept driving, but the road eventually went right past a ranch house, and I decided that if indeed it was a private road (rather than a public road through private property), I didn’t want to encounter the land owner. So I turned off onto a side road to the west, which turned out being a pretty decent road, except for a few really tricky parts where I almost got my car high-centered on some large boulders. There was still quite a bit of mud in the low spots from the last time it rained, and that made it all the more fun. I figured the road would eventually come out on Airport Road, which it did. It came out on the same road where I broke the front driveshaft on my truck a couple years ago. I’ve been on that road from the Airport Road side about a dozen times, but I don’t know why I never followed it to Coal Creek Road before. I think I’m going to return in a week or two and take the other road all the way to the top of the Book Cliffs. I’m also really itching to take the drive over Reservation Ridge again, this time from Indian Canyon all the way to Sheep Creek Road, or maybe all the way to Hobble Creek near Springville. That would be one helluva drive.

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