Oh Well

I’ve finally gotten around to my first attempt at fixing the exhaust leak on my Subaru. The problem was that the bolt holes for two of the exhaust studs were stripped, so each exhaust flange only had one bolt holding it on rather than two. The reason I say that this is my first attempt is because I don’t expect it to work, but it’s worth a try before spending a shitload of money getting somebody else to fix it. I just cleaned the bolt holes and exhaust studs with a wire brush, and used some JB Weld to put the studs back in. I haven’t bolted the exhaust back up yet, because I ordered new exhaust gaskets and they haven’t arrived yet, but by tomorrow I should know if it’s gonna work. Of course, even if it works at first, the studs might pull out eventually. If that happens, I’ll need to either install some heli-coils with new studs, or I’ll have to get somebody to cut the exhaust flanges off, turn them 90 degrees, and weld them back on in order to use the other two bolt holes in the cylinder heads. If it ever comes to doing either of those, I think I’d just rather buy a new car than try fixing this one, but we really need something we can haul the whole family around in without asphyxiating everybody.

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