feel like shit

I just got back from the emergency room at Casketview Hospital–it turns out that I have strep throat and a really bad ear infection. The only reason that I even went to the hospital is that last night, pressure started building up in one of my ears, and it turned into very severe pain. I “borrowed” a Lortab from my sister to help relieve the pain, hoping that by morning it would be gone. Instead, I sat awake in bed all night long, with strange (almost hallucinogenic) thoughts running through my mind, and I probably only slept for 45 minutes the entire night–I will never again go near a Lortab. By the time daylight rolled around, my ear didn’t hurt much, but I could barely hear out of it, and my other ear had some slight hearing loss as well. My throat also hurt like hell (still), so I figured it was time to see a doctor.
Now I have to wait a half-hour until the pharmacy at Wal-Mart opens, then I can fill my prescription (antibiotics). Hopefully the hearing loss will go away with the infection, but right now it’s extremely annoying only being able to hear out of one ear.

5 thoughts on “feel like shit

  1. sigh…
    I can’t hear anything either due to my ears being all plugged up, although I have pressure on my ears, it doesn’t really hurt too bad..yet.
    Wonder if I’m getting the same thing. Hopefully not, since I just have a mild cough today & not a really sore throat anymore.

  2. that sucks dude. it’s one thing if you want to take a pill and hallucinate, but taking something and wanting to feel better is a completely different thing. take care of yourself.

  3. I remember having the strep throat and hear ache combo when I was in High School. Those are the memories that stick with you forever. God that sucked.

  4. Yeah, it is a creepy place. When I paid my insurance co-pay there, I used my Visa check card. The receptionist pulled out this really big machine, put my card in it, then put a few layers of this wierd-looking paper over the card, then slid this big arm thing over it all a couple of times until you could read my card number on the paper–all very strange and medieval.
    Ok, so I have actually seen one of those in my lifetime, but c’mon, you’d think that a hospital, who charges $10 for a disposable tongue-depressor, could afford an electronic credit card reader.

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