Shitty Job

I was watching Conan O’Brien last night while sitting in bed, and they showed this bit from an old show where Conan was sitting behind his desk and wearing nothing below the waist, but they had (of course) blurred out what you’re not supposed to see. They only showed about two seconds of that, however, before the screen was filled with the KSL logo, and after a few more seconds, it returned to Conan (after they’d moved on to the next bit). How shitty of a job is that, watching the NBC feed that KSL sends out, with your finger on a button, just in case something “objectionable” comes through? All I can say is, “what a bunch of pussies.”
Update: Last night on Leno, they had a similar bit where this Scottish bagpipe player was being interviewed, and when he uncrossed his legs, the crotch of his shorts was missing, and they had blurred it out. But whoever pushes “the button” at KSL must have been slacking off, because they never cut into the Leno broadcast. Damn slackers.

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  1. I saw some PG movie on that channel once and they actually edited out farts. Ruined some good jokes too.

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