Traci went to Provo with her mom today, and she’s going to pick me up a Craftsman torque wrench while she’s up there. I also ordered a hard plastic case for it last night, because they’re only available online. Before, I could never justify spending $70 on a wrench, but with all the repairs I’ve made to my car and truck lately, I’ve borrowed my father-in-law’s torque wrenches more than enough times to warrant buying my own. The range on this one is 10-75 ft-lbs, which is adequate for tightening the cylinder heads on the Subaru, which is what I need this torque wrench for the most. I’ve never needed less than 10 ft-lbs, and whenever I needed more than 75 ft-lbs, the tightening torque wasn’t that important anyway.

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  1. luckily they are driving carefully..oh wait..they are not in wyoming. We were headed back from lyman..and we got hit by a diesel…not fun!!!! THe weather was horrible…anyway…Happy holidays

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