Not Surprised

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how it seemed like Barber Brothers Subaru ran a pretty tight ship, but I was wrong. It took them two fucking weeks to ship me the part that I needed, even though when I ordered it I was told it would be a few days.
I called them yesterday to find out what the hold-up was, and the woman that I talked to said that the part had just arrived from the warehouse on Monday, and that it would ship Tuesday. I couldn’t even comprehend why it just sat there for an entire day, let alone why it took so long to get from the warehouse to the dealership. Damn jackasses.
I ended up having to order a pilot bearing puller, since apparently not a single one exists in Carbon County. As soon as I get that, I should have my car put back together within a few days. The only problem now is that when I lifted the front of the engine to allow the transmission to pull out backwards, something sprung a minor coolant leak. I’m desperately hoping that it’s just a radiator hose or a seal somewhere, but I suspect that it’ll be something much more complicated and expensive to replace. I’m not even gonna try to fix it until I get the car back on the road again.

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