Poopie in the Potty

Michael seems to be potty-training himself, without us even trying to get him started. He’s not even two years old, and lately he’s been letting us know when he’s got to take a dump. He’s done it in the toilet for the past four days, at least up until tonight when he crapped in his diaper. Hopefully it doesn’t get any more difficult than this, because it’s been extremely easy so far. OMG, I just talked about poop on my website. I’m sure you all want to read all about this, right? =)

8 thoughts on “Poopie in the Potty

  1. OMFG, WTF is wrong with you PPL? LOL! Don’t u always type like that? =)
    Ok, that’s enough stupid acronyms to last me for the next few years.

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