I did hit it.

Hell yeah. I wasn’t too interested in watching today’s race, but I did end up watching the last few laps just to see where Stewart turned out.
It took quite a while just to replace the brake shoes on Russ’ truck. My hands are all banged up and blistered, but I guess that’s nothing compared to what’ll happen when I get started on my Subaru. Traci’s uncle got a clutch kit for me–it retails for $297, but he got it for $170. I’d really like to get the clutch replaced in time to drive the Soob to work this week, but I don’t know if I can do it. I’ll probably start working on it at 3:00 pm each day after work, but I’ll probably only be able to stand a couple hours of it before I either get tired of it, or just too cold.

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