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I don’t know where the Sun Advocate gets its information for the articles it publishes, but it’s certainly not correct in this case, or at least not recent. They report that road construction will continue between Sheep Creek and Tucker, but here’s what UDOT says:

“Crews will return next spring to reconstruct the other section of the road. Motorists should expect no delays during the winter months. Expected completion: June. 2003.”

The newspaper also reports that the speed limit is 40 MPH through that section, when, in fact, it is 50 MPH.
UDOT really sucks for not completing the project this year. If I remember correctly, it was supposed to be finished by now, but it’s not surprising that it remains unfinished. They were supposed to add two new lanes, making it four lanes through the entire section, but instead they completed two lanes, diverted traffic to the new pavement, and just closed off the old pavement. They still have to grade and re-pave the old stuff, which they don’t plan on doing until next year, so basically all the work they’ve done so far hasn’t done any good in the short term. They damn-well better raise the speed limit back up to 60, especially if they plan on pulling out all their equipment until next spring.
BTW, I ran into just a few light snow flurries on the commute to and from work today–barely enough to wet my windshield. I was disappointed–some real snow would really have cheered me up. If I still have a job when December rolls around, I think I’m going to buy some new tires for my Subaru and do some serious snow-surfing. =)

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