Nine Mile

I was gone for eight hours yesterday while I explored Nine Mile Canyon. I didn’t find a single benchmark, because the existing road doesn’t follow the same alignment as the road did in the 1930s, so it was impossible to follow the mileage directions. I just gave up after the fifth or sixth one. The petroglyphs, on the other hand, were easy to find. They were almost all right along the road, within easy sight. It’s pitiful that we didn’t see a single one last weekend–we must have passed more than half a dozen panels. I think if we’d have known exactly what we were looking for, it would have been much easier. Plus, last weekend I drove down the road in 3rd and 4th gear, while yesterday it was 1st and 2nd gear. Even though it took me eight hours, it could easily have taken me longer. Most of the places, I just hopped out of the car, snapped a few pictures, then headed back up the canyon. There were three side canyons that I didn’t drive up, one of which is supposed to have better petroglyphs than any other place I saw, and I’m sure I’ll end up going back someday.

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