Nine Mile Canyon

Mike & Allison and Traci & I drove up Nine Mile Canyon on Saturday, looking for all the petroglyphs there. Unfortunately, we left in a hurry so we could get back to Price in time for dinner at Ty’s, and we didn’t do any research beforehand–we just hoped to see the petroglyphs from the road. Well, we drove up the canyon for an hour and a half, and didn’t see a damned thing. We eventually came to the turnoff to Gate Canyon, drove up for just half a mile or so, and stopped to eat. We stopped at a cool little recess cave (formed by a long-gone waterfall) for 30 minutes or so, ate and drank, and hiked around a little. While sitting there, a Utah Highway Patrol truck passed by, which was quite strange being at least 30 miles from the nearest civilization on a dirt road. Good thing I had my radar detector with me. =) We also saw a truck pulling a flatbed trailer with a stock-car on it, which was also really odd.
I’m pretty bummed that we went so far and didn’t see what we were looking for, so I think I’m going to go back next weekend, this time with directions to the petroglyphs and other areas of interest. I didn’t take many pictures this weekend, though I did take a few of interest, but I’ll just wait until after next weekend’s adventure to post them, along with shitloads of others that I’ll likely take then.

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