No wonder…

Lately, I’ve noticed the free space on my hard drive shrinking rapidly, but I couldn’t figure out where it was all going. I’ve been downloading a lot of stuff, but I’ve been moving it to my wife’s computer until I can burn it to CDs, so that couldn’t be the problem. It had gotten so bad last week that Photoshop ran out of space for its scratch disk, and wouldn’t allow me to proceed editing the image I was working on (though it doesn’t help that it was already using up over a gig of scratch disk space). I finally figured out what was using up all that space–there were just a few files in my /windows/temp directory that were taking up over 3 gigs. I’m not sure what application left them there (probably Windows itself), but I’m glad I found those files. Now I have almost a quarter of my hard drive free, as opposed to less than a gig earlier.

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