I finally finalized my vacation schedule for the year, and most of the days I’m taking off are next month. I’ve been with my company for five years, so they give me a ridiculous number of vacation days to use, and I always end up arbitrarily choosing which days to take off. I’m going to have a lot of four- and five-day weekends next month.
I think I’m going to spend my time off driving through the mountains around here, taking pictures and just relaxing. I did that quite a bit two summers ago, and it was loads of fun. I don’t know that it’ll be as great this year, hauling a 1 year old kid around, but I’m still looking forward to it.
Oh, and due to the drought conditions this year, there are supposed to be more bears and mountain lions in areas where they’re more likely to come into contact with humans. So I think I’ll be packing my shotgun around with me while I’m out and about. I would hate to kill such a beautiful animal if one tried to attack me, but I’d hate much worse to be attacked by one. Damn, I need to get a handgun.

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