Camping over the past five days wasn’t all that great. I mean, it was ok, but it’s usually much more fun. I think the problem was that Michael’s at that age where he’s too old to just sit around next to you while you do your thing, but he’s too young to let him wander around with the older kids. And Traci spent most of the time helping her mom with some damned thing or another, so I usually ended up keeping an eye on Michael, which is a full-time job. At least on one of the days we were up there, I just loaded my bike and the bike trailer into the car, grabbed Michael, and we headed up to the top of Huntington Canyon for a bike ride, which was a welcome relief from the sweltering heat in the campground, and from chasing Michael all over the place.
The campground was at the very bottom of the canyon, at nearly the same elevation as Price, so it was probably around 100° F every day, just like it was in Price. At the top of the canyon, it must have been 20° cooler, and it felt good. There were wildflowers blooming everywhere, and there was even snow clinging to life on some of the slopes.
I honestly wish I hadn’t taken so many days off work for my wife’s family reunion this year, because it just plain sucked. I had originally planned on just taking Friday off, but I decided to take Wednesday and Thursday off too. Pretty soon, though, I think we’re going to camp in this area, where Traci and I went for a drive a couple years ago. It was gorgeous country, and it’s gotta be around 9,000 feet or higher in elevation, so it should be much cooler up there. Hopefully it will make up for the crappy time I had over the past several days.

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