I broke down yesterday and decided to buy a pair of 64 oz. mugs (one’s for my wife), so now I’ll be travelling to Gas-N-Blow half as often to get something to drink. I got tired of going there two or three times a day to refill on Mountain Dew. These mugs are so damn big, I have to strap one into a seatbelt in order to make it home without spilling, and it takes me hours and hours to finish it all. And we all wonder why 99.8% of the country is overweight (or whatever the statistic is :)–it’s because of 64 oz. refill mugs.
I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, but I stayed up ’til after 4:00 am last night. Traci and I made a shitload of beef jerky, then she spent some time moving stuff into her new craft room, while I set up her computer in there. I decided to swap hard drives in her machine, so it’d boot from the larger 6.4 GB drive, and I cloned the smaller drive using xxcopy. I had some problems formatting the drive in the first place–there were some bad sectors, so I ran a Scandisk surface scan to make sure I caught everything before I started copying files. After that, I copied all the files over from the old drive, then swapped positions in the hard drive bays and changed the jumpers, and now the computer won’t recognize that any drives are present at all. I’m sure I just messed up the jumper settings or something, but I was too tired to stay up any longer playing with it. I get off work early today, so I’ll mess around with it then.
Update: Yeah, I’m dumb. Or rather, I was too tired to even be working on a computer. I had the jumper on the main drive set to slave. It doesn’t help that the diagram on the top of the drive is the reverse of how the jumpers actually are on the back, but I should have known that because just a few days ago I had changed them when I originally installed the drive.

3 thoughts on “Stupersized

  1. Well well! You talk about 64 ounces of green mountain goodness, then wonder why you stay up til 4 am. Sheesh! That is even if you got enough sleep between trips to the “Facility™”

  2. That’s pretty damn funny that you stay up till 4:00am after you have a couple of 64oz. refill mugs worth of Dr.pepper. jk hehe

  3. Heh…yeah, well I usually have that much, it just took me twice as many trips to the gas station to get it. I quit drinking Dr. Pepper about a year ago because whichever local bottler Gas-N-Go gets their syrup from changed their recipe or something, ’cause it tastes like absolute shit now–nothing at all like out of the can.

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