Holy ear drum, Batman!

I created a section for all the survey markers I’ve found or looked for, so I don’t have to bore everybody with the details here on the main page. We took the long way up to Springville yesterday, up Indian Canyon and across Emma Park Road, and found a few new markers along the way, then we found a few more in Springville and Provo. I had a cop get suspicious of me while I was taking a picture of a marker near the railroad crossing on Freedom Blvd. in Provo, and he came over to find out what I was doing. I’m surprised I haven’t had more cops get curious before that, ’cause I suppose I do look suspicious sometimes, especially looking behind the bushes around public buildings like post offices and courthouses. I’ve cut myself on more barbed wire and trespassed on more properties in the past couple weeks than in my entire life. Oh well, it gives me something to do other than just sit around the house.
By the way, the real reason we went up north yesterday was for a doctor’s appointment for my wife. She jumped off the diving board when we were at the pool on Saturday, and she went deep enough that she heard a loud pop in her ear, accompanied by a severe pain. When she surfaced, she was really dizzy, and her hearing has been pretty bad in that ear since. It turns out that she broke her ear drum. I didn’t know something like that would just heal on its own, but she has to go back to the doctor in a month or so to make sure it’s healing up nicely. I actually looked in her ear with a flashlight, and I could see the hole–it was pretty nasty looking.

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  2. It’s the make and model of chainsaw that I have. It’s a nice chainsaw, too–I would recommend one if you’re in the market. They’re easy to use, and they perform quite well. I’ve had mine for two years, and haven’t had a single problem with it.

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