Pizza Chit

I found out what the deal is with my truck today. I had called the service manager (“Doughboy”) earlier this morning to see if they had found the part they’ve been looking for, and he said he’d talk to the parts manager and call me back. He never did call back, so I called him back, but he had left for the day. Bastard. So I talked to the parts manager (Jared, who used to be the service manager) instead, and he gave me the scoop. The tranmission that was in my truck is a Borg-Warner T18, which they found a replacement for, but the replacement had the wrong extension housing, so it wouldn’t bolt up to my transfer case. He said there’s a guy that might be able to get him the right extension housing tomorrow, but if he can’t get it, he’s going to rip the T18 out of there and put a New Process 435 in instead. So if he gets the part tomorrow, my truck could be ready by Saturday. Otherwise, I expect it’ll be another week or more before I have it back.

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  1. well i’m looking for a Borg-Warner T18 for my truck with a 12″ extension housing and electronic spedo can any one help i can’t find one where i’m at thank you

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