Yesterday was the best anniversary I’ve ever had. We didn’t do anything too special, but it was nice being alone together, doing what we wanted to. After we hit the junkyard, we ate lunch at Sconecutter, then headed up to Home Depot.
I checked the price on chainlink fence stuff, because I’m building a fence along my driveway, and putting a gate across it, to keep my son corraled in the back yard when he’s old enough to play back there (relatively) unsupervised. It’s going to cost me around $170 for all the materials, and it’ll probably take me about two days to put it up. I’m also going to install a gate in the fence at the rear of my property going between my yard and my mom’s. A 10′ gate is only about $55, plus all the mounting hardware, and we’re just going to split the cost. I wouldn’t even care about having a gate back there, but maybe it’ll keep people from cutting through our yards.
I got a concrete mold (pictured at the top of this page) while I was there too, so we can pour a pathway that meanders through our back yard. The mold requires an entire 60 lb. bag of concrete for each stepping stone, so I’m probably going to have to buy an entire palette of concrete in order to make the pathway as long as I need it. I haven’t checked the price of concrete down here in Price, but at Home Depot it was $1.59 per bag, so if it’s much more expensive here, it might be worth it to haul it down here from Orem.
Anyhow, after we got done browsing around at Home Depot, we went to Provo Towne Centre and saw Ice Age, which was a pretty good movie. Surprisingly, it was the only movie playing that I really wanted to see. After it was over, we did some shopping, then went to Jaysen’s to change our clothes, and then over to Red Lobster for dinner.
After dinner we just headed towards home, back down the canyon. We only saw one UHP car on our way up in the morning, and none on our way home. Even though it was nice being alone all day, we still missed Michael really bad, so I was happy when we picked him up from his grandma’s.
I’m wishing I’d taken the rest of this week off from work as well now, because it sucks coming home from such a nice and relaxing day, only to have to work the next day.

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  1. lets get this straight. your alone all day with your wife and its your aniversary, and what do you do. you go to home depot and window shop.
    ok good i thought you were someone else, good old dennis.

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