Pipe Bomber

I was listening to the police frequencies on my ham radio just a few minutes ago, and dispatch put out an alert for that pipe bombing suspect. He supposedly made a cell phone call from Moab around 4:00 pm yesterday, so if he’s on his way to or somewhere near Salt Lake, he’ll likely pass through here. But then again, if he left Moab yesterday, he’d be nowhere near here right now.
No news articles I’ve read mention anything about this guy making a phone call from Utah, but this article says, “All mail carriers in Utah have been taken off routes south of Provo, police said. They declined to say what information prompted the action.” My mail was still delivered today, so they must mean rural routes or something.
Update: Hmm…they caught the guy, so foxnews.com and msnbc.com have changed the two stories I linked to earlier today (rather than creating a new page for the new articles). Bastards.

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