Root that Roto

The damn sewer line running out of my house into the main is apparently clogged up. When the washing machine was draining yesterday, the floor drain started backing up. Luckily, I was downstairs and heard the water gurgling and stopped it before gushed out all over the floor. Since then, I’ve dumped about 1.5 gallons of Drano down the drain, to no avail. And this morning I tried a pipe snake, but I played out all of the line without hitting a blockage.
So I called Roto-Rooter, and they said they should be able to make it out here in an hour or two. The guy said it’ll probably cost around $65, but we’ll see if it isn’t a lot more than that by the time they’re through (isn’t that always my luck?).
I was going to head into the office for work today, but I couldn’t shower or finish washing my clothes, so that plan went down the drain (sorry about that).

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