Mmm Mmm Goodness

This weekend has been great. Ty invited Traci and I over for dinner Friday night (which was excellent–Ty’s a great cook), then we watched The Score, which was a much better movie than I was expecting.
My sister invited us, along with my mom, over for dinner Saturday evening, and it was really nice. It’s not often that I hang out with that many of my family members at once, at least on a non-holiday. It was also only about the fourth time in my life that I’ve ever eaten lasagne, and it was good–I don’t know why I don’t have it more often.
This afternoon I ate dinner with my wife at her parents house, and it was good as usual. It’s been nice this weekend to have not fixed any actual meals. =)
I bought some plywood today (which barely fit in my car) to make some shelves for my kitchen. My kitchen has very little counter space, so I’m adding a few small shelves in a couple of corners, and a small counter next to my stove. I’ve already cut out, sanded, and primed the corner shelves, and I’ll probably throw a quick coat of paint on them before I go to bed. I’ve got some more planning to do on the counter, though–I’m sure if I don’t think it through thoroughly enough, it’ll either look like shit or simply collapse.

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