Who sold you the blow?

For some inexplicable reason, whoever built my house put a medicine cabinet in the bedroom that I’m using for an office. I decided I’d quit being lazy and finish painting the room, then I’m going to decorate it. And since a medicine cabinet adorning the wall just doesn’t fit in an office, I took it out of the wall and I’m attempting to patch the hole left behind. I’ve never done drywall work of any kind, and I’m sure I’ll end up screwing something up and having to redo it a few times before it’s perfect. I’m hoping I can match the texture too, but I’ve seen cans of spray-on texture that should work well enough.
This all started when my mom gave me a really nice shelf that I was going to use to display some knickknacks and whatnot, but it was too long to fit on any of the walls–two are interrupted by windows, one is full of cabinets, and the other had that damned medicine cabinet on it. With the cabinet gone, I’ll have room for the shelf, and I think I’m also going to buy a bunch of small picture frames and display some pictures I’ve taken with my digital camera.

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