Geminids/Solar Eclipse

There’s going to be another meteor shower tonight, this time it’s the Geminids. Some meteors (earthgrazers) may be visible shortly after sunset, but around midnight will be the best time to look for them.
And tomorrow, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from most of North America. The further southeast you live, the better view you’ll have (Solo will have an excellent view). It should peak around 2:20 pm Mountain time, so I think I’ll be outside pointing my camera at the sun tomorrow around that time, though as usual, I don’t expect any pictures to turn out.

1 thought on “Geminids/Solar Eclipse

  1. heh. I might even take a pic of it, depending on if i can find my shitty camera, that and if it isn’t cloudy. it’s been cloudy the past like week. it sucks.

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