Mmm Jerky

I’ve been thinking about doing a little “quickie” entry thing on the right side of the main page here, like Bret has going on, but I think I’ll do a new layout that will accommodate it a little better. I was going to try to use my current install of Greymatter to update it, but after giving that a try, I decided it would be easier to just do a new GM install in another directory. I’ll just use it to post quick local blurbs, those things that 95% of the people who read this site couldn’t give a rat’s ass about.
Smith’s had rump roasts on sale, buy-one-get-one-free, so my wife and I bought a couple and made several pounds of beef jerky last night. We borrowed my mom’s meat slicer and dehydrator, but the slicer was turning the roasts into ground beef, so we had to freeze them for several hours before we could start slicing ’em up. We didn’t get everything sliced, marinated, and into the dehydrator until around midnight, but when I woke up this morning, it was all finished. And even though I’ve washed and scrubbed my hands several times since I got done laying out all the beef on the dehydrator racks, I swear I can still smell worcestershire on them.

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