This just goes to show the lack of separation between church and state in Utah: When the president of the Utah Senate Alma Mansell didn’t like how KSL commentator Doug Wright criticised Utah’s republican lawmakers, Mansell tattled on Wright by writing a letter to a Mormon church leader.
You’d think that a state senator would be able to accept a little criticism, seeing as how Utah lawmakers are always doing stupid things, but to go crying to the church is just plain wrong. He said the only reason he wrote to the Mormon church was because the church owns KSL–yeah right. He wrote to the church because not only is he deeply mired in the LDS religion, but being a state lawmaker, he probably has quite a bit of pull with the church. I mean, c’mon, he’s named after The Book of Alma from The Book of Mormon–that alone points out his strong ties with the Mormons. But being a Mormon and a state senator entitles him to the privilege of not having to go through the proper channels–he simply fires off a letter to the church, and expects them to snap their fingers or wiggle their noses and do their magic.

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