This whole archive conversion thing is taking way longer than I expected. I started working on it Friday night, and eventually stopped Saturday morning around 8:00 am, when I finally went to sleep. I haven’t worked on it since, only because it’s so time-consuming (and I’ve been so tired). The past two mornings when I’ve woken up I felt like I was hung-over.
I’m finished with all of 1998 and 1999, and I’ve just begun January 2000. In Feb ’00, I switched to News Publisher, so the conversion should go much more quickly when I get to that point, since all the entries are in a single text file, and they’re all consistently formatted.
I think I’ll begin working on it again this evening when I’m through with work, and I may possibly be finished tonight. Until then, you can browse through the several hundred entries I’ve already added.

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