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I had never been around children much at all until I had one of my own, and I’m surprised how at generous they can be at such an early age. Michael, when he’s finished slobbering all over one of his teething toys, often shares with me by trying to stick it in my mouth. It’s a nice gesture, but I think I’ll pass. It’s touching to me that he actually cares enough to give up what he so obviously enjoys.
After listening to X96 for several weeks, I think I’m finally back in touch with the new-music scene. After living in Price for almost two years, with no radio stations except country, and nothing on MTV except The Real World and other such crap, I didn’t know what new music was out there and didn’t have much new stuff to listen to. Right now, I’m listening to bands I never thought I would like, such as System of a Down, Nickelback, Saliva, Staind, P.O.D., and quite a few others. God, I love the internet. =)
I was talking to Justin earlier this evening about the whole terrorism/war thing going on right now, and I surprised even myself by what I said:

Me: You know, I don’t think anything much is going to happen with all this talk of war. I just don’t see how the US can go to war with any country unless they have some real justification, which I don’t think they really do. I just don’t think there’s a fair way to handle this.
Justin: i feel the same way
there’s no way the US can just go and kill civilians because of a terrorist force that is not part of the goverment
it would be different if it was the afghan military, but its not
Me: Right…unless they can prove there were ties–monetary or otherwise–between the terrorists and any government, I don’t think they have a leg to stand on.

A few days ago, I was all for war, but now, I don’t think so.

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  1. Time passes and tempers calm. Action should have been more immediate, now nothing will happen, and other terrorist factions will see this as “USA is all talk and no action, so don’t worry about them anymore”
    As wrong as it may be, I think they really should have just fucked shit up right away. You just know that the Afghani’s already see this whole incident as a victory for them.

  2. No. 1: As GWB said there is no difference between the terrorist and the countries that harbor them. I don’t think they will have a problem proving certain countries aid terrorists.
    No. 2: Rebelo’s opinion means fucking squat. He is a mooching piece of shit. He freeloads off other people much like his loser country does the U.S. So as I said who gives a fuck what Rebelo thinks. He is a loser.

  3. Not only are you are a very big coward, anonymously attacking somebody like that, but you’re not very smart either. First you request this page with your regular IP (653254hfc55.tampabay.rr.com), then you come back less than a minute later using safeweb.com and post your comment. If you feel that way about anybody’s opinion, what makes you think other people will give any weight to yours?

  4. “I just don’t see how the US can go to war with any country unless they have some real justification”
    Over 5,000 lives isn’t enough justification? The U.S. needs to stand up for its people and beliefs and take out any military sites and affiliations that bin Laden uses. This was obviously done with the the resources of several organizations and other people and they need to pay for it. No bombing citizens isn’t the answer; our military has the resources and technology to take out the people that are responsible. If we let this go with little or no action we will soon lose much more than what we lost in New York… Stand up for our freedom and kick some ass!

  5. I agree with you completely. I don’t think we need to justify going to war against somebody, we only need to justify our reasons for choosing that particular person or group to war against. All I’ve heard on the news so far is that “the terrorists have ties to bin Laden,” but nobody has said what those ties are. If those ties are reasonably proven, and a foreign government gets in our way of stopping him and others responsible, then we should consider them the enemy as well.

  6. Well, I think that there is a lot that they aren’t telling us about Bin Laden and everything.
    I heard just yesterday they were trying to get all the citizens out of Afghanistan while leaving the Taliban and Bin Laden, but what makes us think that Bin Laden and the Taliban won’t leave right along with the citizens.
    Also, I think we need to do something or else these attacks will continue and more innocent lives will be lost.

  7. Having grown up during the cold war, I can tell you there will be a war alright. But it will be an invisible one of political and economic arm twisting, treachery and dirty deeds. For those of you who want to blow something up, I just chalk it up to youth and an over-abundance of testosterone. Join the CIA, that’s where the action will be.

  8. Dep. Sec. of Defense Paul Wolfowitz: “It’s not just simply a matter of capturing people and holding them accountable, but removing the sanctuaries, removing the support systems, ending states that sponsor [ANY] terrorism.”
    Any state that harbors any sort of terrorists, whether it was involved in the 9/11 attack or not, is culpable and will be made to change its ways.
    This obviously necessitates war.

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