That one guy

I find it strange that Fox News spells that one guy’s name Usama, while every other major network spells it Osama. The FBI spells it Osama, while the State Department spells it both ways. It must be the case that nobody really knows except the man himself.

4 thoughts on “That one guy

  1. I guess this is his real name…Usamah Bin Mohammad Bin Laden. Imagine his mom yelling at him “USAMAH BIN MOHAMMAD BIN LADEN STOP KILLING THOSE PEOPLE”

  2. You dummy. “Usama” and “Osama” are both correct. It’s mostly because the Arabic alphabet, which has 28 letters, doesn’t easily translate to our Latin (26 letters, dummy) alphabet. Further, some letters don’t have corresponding sounds in English. (This partly explains why the first name of the man behind the Sept. 11 attacks is variously spelled Usama and Osama.)
    But, honestly, considering this guy’s version of the truth (“The infidels have been slaughtered!”), can we really expect him to accurately tell us how to spell his freakin’ name?

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