Big Trouble

Last night, as I was backing my truck up under the camper, I ended up getting it a little crooked, so the front of the camper wasn’t flush against the cab of the truck on the driver’s side. Instead of jacking the camper up again and straightening it out, which would have been a big pain in the ass, I decided to pull forward a bit then slam on my brakes, and I was hoping the camper would just slide forward in the truck bed. Well, it did slide forward, and it bent the front part of the bed badly, leaving a very big crease in it. It may also have put a dent in the cab of the truck, but I won’t be able to tell until I get the camper out and pull the bed away from where it’s touching the cab–probably with a large crowbar–should be fun.
Michael started crawling last week, and while it looked pretty awkward, it was effective enough to get him from point A to point B. Before he started actually crawling, he just scooted around, sliding his face along the ground while pushing with his feet, and sometimes he would just roll to get around. But already, when you set him down on the floor, he just takes off like he’s been crawling for a long time. He can also pull himself up to his feet pretty well, and if he stands up holding on to his walker (outside of it, not inside), when it rolls forward or backward, he can take a few steps to keep from falling. I don’t think it will be long before he’s walking. There’s nothing that comes close to the feeling of watching your child grow up before your eyes.

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