I should be getting my

I should be getting my $600 tax refund check next week, and since I’m getting DSL soon, I guess I’m going to finally upgrade my computer. I’m running a PII-266 now, but here is what I’m planning on getting next week:
Supercase 500 ATX 300W UL- AMD K7 Approved $55
ASUS A7A266A SKT A ATA100, 266MHZ FSB W/Sound 3 SDRAM & 2 DDR $143
AMD-K7 Athlon Thunderbird 1200MHz – 266MHz Socket A $112
DDR 256MB 266MHz – PC2100 $46 X 2 = $92
That comes out to just over $400, plus I’ll probably get a new keyboard and an extra case fan, and maybe even a webcam. =) Whatever money I have left over will go towards a digital camera.

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend buying a webcam unless you plan on leaving it on all day long. Its either that or having people bitch, WHY DON’T YOU HAVE YOUR WEBCAM ON?

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