A message to you, Rudy

NASCAR officials are a bunch of pantywaists. First, they make a really bad call and black flag Stewart near the end of Saturday’s race. Of course, he gets really pissed off, which most drivers would do in such circumstances, but taking it out on a reporter definitely isn’t the way to go. Anyway, since he was already on probation for hitting Jeff Gordon’s car a while back, NASCAR should have suspended him for a race or two, but instead they just fine him ten-grand and extend his probation period. Rather than admitting they made a bad call by black-flagging Stewart, they just went easy on him for his behavior following their bad call–it’s all just a little hypocritical. They did something wrong, which caused Tony to do something wrong, but instead of reversing their call, they continue to place the blame on Tony (so they don’t look bad) while still going easy on him (more than likely because of a guilty conscience).
Here’s a link to the whole story, and there’s a link on that page where you can see video of the incident on the track that caused the black flag, in which even the announcers say they think NASCAR made a bad call.

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