Itchy, watery eyes?

I really need to put a new poll up, but can’t think of a decent question…anybody got any ideas?
I went over to my mom’s and got my telescope today (well, I guess it’s mine, she told me to come get it). Mars is supposed to be really close to Earth in a few days, close enough to make out cloud formations and land forms, so I’m gonna see what I can see. I went up on Wood Hill today with the telescope to make sure I had all the lenses attached correctly, and I could clearly make out the Chevron sign out at the airport’s gas station, probably about four miles away, so I guess it’s working properly.

1 thought on “Itchy, watery eyes?

  1. It just came to me: How many people on dennis’s site like poon?
    There’s your poll question solved.
    Oh and that’s cool about the telescope and stuff. I’ve always loved astronomy.

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