Boycott Carbon Credit Union

I am cancelling all my accounts with my shitty credit union. My employer uses direct deposit to deposit my paycheck into my savings account, and I usually transfer some money from savings to checking on the day I get paid. This morning, I transferred $900 into my checking account, then I went to get some gas in my truck. I used my Visa check card, but it was declined. I called the credit union, and the bitchy lady I talked to told me that they only update account balances once per day, and it had already been done for the day. What the fuck good do direct deposit and electronic fund transfers do if I can’t spend my money immediately?!
And what the fuck business do bitchy women have working in a public service job? You’d think the woman I talked to would have been sympathetic…after all, if somebody were holding her money hostage, she’d be just as pissed as I was. But instead, she chose to be rude, and as a result, the credit union lost not just one customer, but three (my wife’s and my son’s accounts will be closed too).

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  1. You’re really living up to your name, you dink. Do you work in a barn? You don’t sound too bright. If you want people to listen to what you have to say, you should do it by using respectable language. The only people that you will reach are those with the same mental fortitude as yourself, and I’m sure your credit union would be delighted to drop people like you. Do you have any idea how many transactions banks and credit unions do in a day? It is amazing that they can all be done in one day.
    It sounds like you need to be a little more responsible with your money and leave enough in there so you can get your gas. Take your redneck and your money somewhere else, and you will find that all banks require a little time for the transaction to go through.
    I would appreciate a reply. You can hold this message in your queque, but I expect this to be posted.

  2. John, are you saying that my use of foul language after the fact is an excuse for the rude treatment I received from the credit union employee? If so, then I envy your ignorance, and I only wish I could live as blissfully unaware as you do. When I called the credit union that day several years ago, I was polite and respectful, and received very harsh treatment in return–hence the harsh words I left on my website. The fact that you believe you have some sort of say in what language I use on my own website says a lot about the type of person you are.
    If you also believe that the amount of money in my bank account is a reflection upon me, then you are sadly mistaken. Although I’m sure there are people more respectable and responsible than me who have more money in their bank accounts, that should also hold true for those with less money than me. At which dollar amount do you personally draw the line between responsible and irresponsible?
    In all honesty, I feel sorry for you, and I can only assume that you have an ulterior motive for leaving the comment that you did–it must have been for some reason other than to belittle somebody who you know nothing about. Maybe you work for or have some business relationship with Carbon Credit Union (now known as Eastern Utah Community Credit Union)?

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