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I’ve recently taken an interest in model rocketry. I was really into it in 5th grade, when I was in a “Young Astronauts” group in school…it was gay, but I built a couple of rockets and had a lot of fun doing it. Now, I’m going to build my own rocket from scratch, with the exception of the motor. I’ve got a couple of cardboard tubes to work with, though I still need some thin balsa for the fins, and some thick-ass shit for the nose cone.
I started building a remote control from spare parts I had in my toolbox today, and I plan on building a launch pad tomorrow. The remote consists of the case to the face of the CD player that was in my Jeep, a lighted 12 volt switch that I had in my toolbox, and some spare parts that I soldered out of a Sony Discman (headphone jack and some switches). I still need a pushbutton switch, but that shouldn’t be too hard to find. I was gonna run it off a few AA batteries, but they would barely power the light on the switch, so I decided I’m gonna use a cigarette lighter plug, and I’ll need my truck or car near the launch site to use the remote.
If this actually ends up being more than just playing around, I’ll take some pictures of the rocket and the launch, whenever that is, and put them on the site.
Oh, and I found this site to help me out with the things I can’t figure out on my own. I plan on using the largest motor I can get my hands on, and I’ll need all the help I can get so I don’t fuck it up and blow my first rocket up before it goes anywhere.

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